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Carl Johnson is an Emmy Award-winning film and television composer living and working in Southern California. He has written and orchestrated numerous pieces of music for feature films, television, and stage. Carl has recorded his music with symphonies  around the world, conducting in London, Canada, Japan, Los Angeles, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. 

Carl grew up in suburban Kansas, enjoying a thoroughly all-American childhood. He entered the University of Kansas intending
Chana Wise (Book and Lyrics) was born and raised in Southern California and graduated from the University of California, Irvine. In addition to Mary Marie, in collaboration with Carl Johnson, Chana has written book and lyrics for Tinseltown Christmas, which was produced by the University of California, Irvine, in association with The Academy For New Musical Theatre in
December, 2012, "The Coffee Quintet" – a short musical film, and is currently working on Bagels! (a new musical). Additionally, Chana has written lyrics for The Island (book and music – Jonathan Price), which was produced by SkyPilot Theatre, premiering at T.U. Studios in summer of 2013, Earthbound, (book – Adam Hahn, music – Jonathan Price) which premiered there in summer of 2012, and The Max Factor Factor (book - Adrian Bewley, music - Joe Blodgett), which premiered at the NoHo Arts Center in summer of 2014. Also for SkyPilot Theatre, Chana wrote lyrics for Wandering Willows and Reel People (both with book and music by Jonathan Price). Chana is a proud member of the The Dramatists Guild. www.chanawise.com.

to study medicine and become a physician like his father, but after two years changed his course of study to music. After graduating with honors from the University of Kansas, he was accepted into the USC film music program and after completing his studies there began writing music professionally. As a freelance Hollywood composer, he has written music for numerous feature films, including Piglet’s Big Movie, Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame II, and Winnie the Pooh’s Grand Adventure. Carl has also composed over 50 hours of music for numerous television projects, including Animaniacs and Batman: the Animated Series for Warner Brothers, Gargoyles and The Mighty Ducks for Disney, and Invasion America and Toonsylvania for DreamWorks. Among his accolades are Emmy Awards for his musical scores for Invasion America and Aladdin: the Animated Series, as well as three other Emmy Award nominations.  In addition to Mary Marie, Carl’s musical theater works include At Home in Mitford, The Coffee Quintet, and Tinseltown Christmas. As a professional orchestrator/arranger, Carl has recently worked on the movies Skyfall, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Wall-E.

Mamie Parris (Mother), Emerson Steele (Mary Marie), and Kevin Earley (Father),  in the NAMT Festival presentation of Mary Marie, Oct. 2014
Elise Dewsberry, as Aunt Jane, NoHo Arts Center, 2012
Peter Welkin as "Father" and Kendra Munger as "Mother" in the Rubicon Plays in Progress reading, June 2013