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Mary Marie finds some work of her Fathers involving a double star named Albireo. As he describes the star, they begin to form a small bond.
Once again cut off by her Father and chastised by her Aunt Jane, Mary Marie misses her life back in Boston
Father ponders how much easier it is to understand astronomy than daughters or women.
Mary Marie is unable to understand why she is suddenly being ignored by her friends at school. Continuing on to the train station, both she and Father ponder separately ponder why it is they seem like strangers. 
 Caitlin Cohn, Peter Welkin

 Caitlin Cohn, Peter Welkin

 Peter Welkin

 Kendra Munger

At the End of the Line -  As she packs to leave, Mary Marie explains what          she's looking forward to and how she came to have two names

​Not My Marie - Mother explains to Aunt Hattie that Mary Marie's life will be            much different now that she's in Boston instead of at her Father's

​Prospective Suitors - Mary Marie eavesdrops and reports on some of                Mother's suitors

Yes, Aunt Jane - Jane lays down rules of behavior while Mary Marie is at              Father's

​Like Her Mother (part one) - Prompted by Jane, Father compares Mary            Marie to her mother

Like Her Mother (part two)

Meditating - Mary Marie reacts to the frustration of living at Father's house

I Don't Understand It - Mary Marie ponders the treatment she gets from              both the girls at school and a Father who seems not to care

Yes, Yes, Yes - Mother flashes back on a pivotal incident between she and            her former mother-in-Law

It's Say's "Darling" - The Violinist comes to call on Mother

Could it Be? - Mary Marie relates to what happened at school to Father and 
        Aunt Jane

Mark My Words - Jane warns Father of what will happen if he gives in to               Mary Marie

Yes, Aunt Jane (Rep.)

Like Her Mother (Rep.)

Nothing Happens - Having reached her boiling point, Mary decides to be            Marie

Albireo - Father introduces a fascinated Mary Marie to the stars

Albireo Tag - Jane interrupts a magical moment

At the End of the Line (Rep.) - Disappointed and confused, Mary Marie            boards the train back to Boston

Stars - Staring at the starry skies, Father ponders the women in his life

You Can't Go back - Mother, sadder but wiser, gives Mary Marie advise

For the Summer -  Father and Mother write one another letters outlining                plans for Mary Marie (For video of For the Summer, with Mamie Parris, Emerson Steele, and Kevin Earley performing, click here.)
Cousin Grace - Mary Marie meets Father's "Cousin Grace"

Albireo (Rep.) -  Mary Marie and Father looks through the telescope this               time
Caitlin Cohn, Peter Welkin, Kendra Munger, 
Ellen Dostal, Brent Schindele

Kendra Munger, Ellen Dostal

Caitlin Cohn, Brent Schindele

Ellen Dostal, Caitlin Kohn

Peter Welkin

Peter Welkin

Caitlin Cohn

Caitlin Cohn, Peter Welkin

Ellen Dostal

Brent Schindele

Caitlin Cohn

Ellen Dostal, Peter Welkin, Caitlin Cohn

Ellen Dostal, Caitlin Cohn

Peter Welkin

Caitlin Cohn, Peter Welkin

Peter Welkin, Caitlin Cohn

Caitlin Cohn

Caitlin Cohn

Peter Welkin

Kendra Munger

Peter Welkin, Kendra Munger, Caitlin Cohn

Kendra Munger, Caitlin Cohn

Peter Welkin, Caitlin Cohn, Ellen Dostal, Brent Schindele, Kendra Munger

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