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Chana Wise
Carl Johnson
Just before the 1920’s start to roar, 13-year-old Mary Marie is bright, free-spirited, and surprisingly philosophical about her parents’ divorce. So much so, that she is actually looking forward to observing and writing about the various other romances they are certain to have now that they are no longer married to each other. But after a while of being shuttled between them, she finds the experience is not at all what she had anticipated, and discovers not only more about them, but about herself as well.
Welcome to the home of Mary Marie, a new musical written by Chana Wise and Carl Johnson. Mary Marie was a finalist for the 2015 Richard Rodgers Award, and was one of the eight shows selected for the 2014 NAMT Festival. It was chosen as a finalist in the 2019 Tru Voices reading series and a new reading will be presented at The York Theatre in New York on May 20th, 2019. Stayed tuned for details!
Designed by Adam Hitt for NAMT”

To see a video performance of Broadway actors Mamie Parris, Emerson Steele, and Kevin Earley performing "For the Summer" at the NAMT sponsored "46th Minute" evening, click below.

                     "For the Summer"

Photos from the Sierra Madre Playhouse "Off the Page" reading of Mary Marie, featuring Caitlin Cohn as "Mary Marie", Peter Welkin as "Father", Kendra Munger as "Mother", Elise Dewsberry as "Aunt Jane", "Aunt Hattie", all the other female roles and Christopher Showerman as "the Violinist" and all the other male roles.  

MARY MARIE one of ten shows chosen 
for the Broadway Producer Pick List of 2018!
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